• sample-1

    Flying Bus Board

    7/12-pin ribbon cable for the power supply of Eurorack modules.

    The cable can transmit CV and gate information.

  • sample-2

    Modular Synthesizer PSU SET

    1x MeanWell RT 65B  
    2x busboards  
    1 x power socket
    8 x cables

  • sample-3


    Mutable instruments - Schruthi Eurorack Paanel/PCB

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We offer a complete assembly and repair service for any Eurorack kits. I have experience with all sorts of kits ranging from off the shelf complete kits to a schematic and set of board files. 

Services include panel and PCB fabrication, graphic design, parts sourcing, prototype builds, custom modifications. We can repair all eurorack modules and synthesizers. Help for DIY builders – Happy End guarantee.